Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Boat Slips

What is

We're a unique marketplace that gives slip owners and dock managers the opportunity to promote their boat slip(s) to a large audience of boaters and sailors. After uploading your slip to our platform will give your listings more exposure and increase your visibility to potential slip renters or buyers. Furthermore, we also offer Pro Listing Pages for Marinas and dock managers - a way to advertise and manage multiple slips.

What types of slips can I advertise?

You can adverise wet slips, dry slips, moorings, dockage and more. Our platform is designed to be flexible for you.

Why should I advertise on

A lot of professionals post their slips with us:

- Slip Owners
- Marinas
- Realtors
- Dock Managers
- Yacht Dealers

Perhaps you're sitting on a slip that you're not sure how to rent. Or maybe you manage numerous slips and need a place to advertise them. gives you the opportunity to advertise your listings to a larger audience from one simple platform.

How much does it cost to post my slip?

It's currently free to list a slip. Currently, listings are automatically set to be active and visible on indefinitely. However, we ask that you please remember to remove your slip from the website after it's sold and/or no longer available for any reason.

Note: In the future, we may choose to charge a small feee for listings on However, we're currently offering this online listing service for free.

What is a Pro Listings Page?

We're working on a new functionality that we hope to launch next year. A Pro Listings Page is a webpage for your listings on Your page will be hosted on, which means you'll get an easy-to-use portal for managing your listings, plus all of your listings will be visible to a larger audience of people searching for slipA s and moorings. Having a Pro Listings Page will be especially benefitial to marinas, dock managers and harbormasters.

Our team will help you setup your page and upload your slips to your Pro Listings Page. If you have a website, we'll help you put a link on your website to your new listings page.

Your Pro Listings Page will have your own logo and branding, as well as a section for your dock rules and policies. It saves time and hassle!

With a Pro Listings Page, your boat slip listings will show in three places online:
1. On your own listings page,
2. In search results,
3. In search engines (such as Google).
Having a Pro Listings Page is very beneficial for increasing your reach to more potential customers.

But I already have a website. Why would I need a Pro Listing Page?

Updating boat slips on your website can be time consuming and complicated. Plus, how will people find your slips online? We plan to solve these problems for you.

Easy slip updates: Your listing page on is very easy to update and requires no technical knowledge. You'll simply login, click the slip to edit, make the changes, then click "save". That's it.

Automatic marketing: When you put your slip on, you don't need to worry about marketing. Our software will put your slips in front of a large audience of boat owners that are already searching for slips. Even better - your slip will be listed in Google search.

Technical Team: Our team is here to help you succeed with We can resolve most issues through email, however, we do schedule phone appointments when necessary. And don't worry, we don't bite. We look forward to answering any questions you have.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use

No, absolutely not. Our system is designed to be easy to use. You can manage your listings from your mobile phone, or a computer. Best of all, our team is here for you if you need assistance or have any questions.

If you have numerous listings to upload, let us know. We'll assist you with uploading your listings.

What is a Slip Map and do I need one?

It's very helpful to have a map of your boat slips. Your customers will be able to locate your dock easier. Further, your staff can more easily track your slip activity with a map.

Do you need one? That's up to you! Our team is experienced at creating custom boat slip maps. We'll be happy to provide you with a quote for a map of your boat slips. In some cases we can update your existing slip map (if you already have one).

Please visit our Slip Map page to learn more about our map making services.

Can I run a featured advertisement?

Yes. If you have something to sell, this is a great place to do it. We place featured advertisements at the top of our homepage. Instead of paying an entire marketing team, will handle the heavy lifting and send sales leads directly to you.

Featured advertisements start at $1,250 per month

If you have a new product to sell to the boating community, or a new marina to advertise to a wide audience, then a featured ad is a great option. Contact our team for more information.