Pro Listing Pages

Sell More With Your Own Listings Page

A Pro Listings Page is a designated page for your dock listings on For $85/month, your page will list all of your boat slips, dock space and moornings, and give you an easy way to manage and update your slips. Even better - your Pro Listings Page will give your visitors the information they need as well as attract new customers.

Your Pro Listings Page will have your logo and branding. Also, you can add visitor information and "dock rules and policies" to your page, which helps to keep new visitors informed. Finally, all of your information is placed into a PDF, so that it can be easily download by your visitors. Boaters often lose internet connections. That's why having a downloadable PDF is very helpful. Your Pro Listings Page automatically handles everything.

Benefit #1: Reach A Larger Audience

People buy items on Amazon and Ebay because they're trusted platforms that offer a wide range of options from different sellers. works similarly. Our trusted platform connects buyers, sellers and renters in one convenient place. With a Pro Listings Page, you'll have your own unique page on for advertising your boat slips and moorings. In addition to having your own page, all of your listings will appear on our boat slips search page.

Benefit #2: An Extension Of Your Website

Having a website isn't enough these days. Everyone has a website. Websites often get lost in the large ocean of competitors. How will boaters know you have available slips if they don't even know that you exist? We expand your visibility online to make it easier for boaters to find you and your listings. With a Pro Listing Page on, you'll share a piece of our trusted platform.

Websites are difficult to update. Have you ever tried to edit the slips and moorings on your own website? It can be complicated. But it's much easier on Our system is so easy to use that we've designed it to work on your mobile phone. You can add new slips and edit existing slips in under a minute.

Benefit #3: Get More Customers Easily

Stop working about marketing online. The tides are changing for small businesses online. Not only must you offer a great service, but you must find a way to attract new customers. That's where comes in. Our platform is already designed to put your listings in front of customers in three different ways:

- Your listings will appear in search engines (like Google).
- Your listings will appear on your Pro Listings Page on
- Your listings will appear on various search pages within

If you've ever searched for a boat slip or moorning before, you know that the process is not easy. With, we've made the process much easier.